Michael grew up in Doylestown, Pennsylvania but moved to Los Angeles at a young age. In high school he found a passion for filmmaking. In college, at California State University Northridge, he discovered his niche was in production sound mixing. So, in 2011 Michael decided to sell his camera equipment and go into sound mixing full time. Now going on 8 years of mixing, he wants to work with you.


Michael Rich is the only sound guy I trust with getting me the best audio for my projects. His ability to capture audio so clean and to log/organize the files better than the studios is why I always pray he’s available when I have a project. His attitude, humor and good natured character makes working with him an absolute joy. I can’t thank Michael enough for making my films sound so much better than I possibly could have imagined.

Marco Bottiglieri- Director

Michael Rich provided exceptional production sound on my feature film Painkillers. Michael’s fun and charming personality brought the cast and crew great joy, but it never compromised the excellence and efficiency in his work. I would recommend him without reservation.

Roxy Shih- Director

Michael Rich nearly tanked the whole shoot. And not in a “lost the memory card” sort of way, more like, a “whole place nearly burned to the ground” sort of way.

Luke Barnett- Sarcastic Producer

Michael Rich’s sound cart was the biggest I’ve ever seen. It has antennas. I don’t think they do anything, but they were fun to look at and talk about. And as a sound person, Rich was one of the absolute best we’ve ever worked with. His humor helped create an energy on set that everyone wanted to be around and his professionalism was top notch. The actors felt comfortable with him, and as producers, we fully trusted him. Every file was organized and the sound was impeccable. I will absolutely try and hire Michael on any project we have in the future. Also, the guy does room tone like no other. Seriously. Sometimes these would be 15-20 minutes long.

Luke Barnett- Producer at Lone Suspect

As a sound editor and designer, it’s easy to talk about how Mike’s dialog is always clean and easy to edit, but what’s really impressive is his other sounds.
How often I’m able to use Mike’s non-dialog sounds, in my actual design, is nothing short of incredible.
Everything is captured in great detail and with such care, that it almost sounds like editorial isn’t necessary. Talented, diligent, and always fun to work with, I absolutely can NOT recommend Mike Rich enough. Any production sounds better with him around.

T.J. Jacques-
Sound Designer, Re-Recording Mixer

Michael Rich is an exceptional sound man and joke teller. Since 2013, he has recorded audio for us many dozens of times on projects big and small, in conditions comfortable and uncomfortable, with and without commercial aircraft overhead, next to screaming fans, next to screaming babies, and next to clients, and he’s always delivered excellent audio. And excellent jokes. Michael is one of the great sound guys. 

Please don’t book him when we need him

Nick Lange- Owner/Creative Director at Nurture Digital